Fun Games For Kids

Cognitive development develops at a fast pace during the early years of a child. When they are 2 years old, the brain has grown to 75 percent of its adult weight and by 5 years old, 90 percent. That is why during these early years, they need to be given opportunities to be stimulated and challenged through playing intellectual games. Young children are naturally self-motivated, curious and are eager to explore almost everything and to help them, we must provide them concrete materials to manipulate, toys for example, problems to solve, and the opportunity to experience with the environment and encouraging them to ask questions.

Children express themselves better when they are playing games:

1. Fun games for kids to expand their vocabulary.
Language develops fast during the early years and language is caught rather than taught. Use puppets, toy phones or walkie-talkies to encourage the children to tell stories or what they have done for the day. You can draw eyes, nose and mouth on each finger and have a story-telling with your child. An example, I am Monday and my favorite hobby is painting because I am called the Thumb and I love to dip myself into paint to form patterns on the paper. What is your favorite hobby? The child learns a collection of words which helps them to communicate and this activity is fun and creative.

2. Fun games for kids to develop their musical intelligence.
Children have their first experience with music when parents sing lullabies and dance with them when they were still infants. Music is important during the early years as it helps the children to bond socially, emotionally and cognitively with people. Encouraging the children to move along with the music or playing with musical instruments helps them to control their fine motor skills and develops their eye-hand coordination. You can play this game which is funny for kids. Play any fast moving song and ask the children to hop like a frog and kicking their legs while hopping, move like a train, hooting as they go along or wiggle like a worm.

3. Fun games for kids to develop their literacy.
Story songs have rhythm and are fun and enrich a child’s vocabulary through their short, simple texts. Nursery rhymes are an example of story songs and they stay with us as they are passed from one generation to another. Nursery rhymes have a musical quality incorporating language rhythm, patterns and rhymes in every verse which fascinates children to develop their language.

You can also finger play while singing a story song and there are many story songs which you can use like “Five Lttle Ducks”, “Itsy Bitsy Spider’, “I’m a Little Teapot” and many others. While singing “Five Little Ducks” show five fingers and so on.

Games should be kept short and stop when the children show signs of restlessness or lack of interest. If you want more of such activities to stimulate your children during these vital early years, you can visit for more of such creative activities.

Free Crosswords – Fun Activities for Kids and Adults!

Crossword puzzles are a healthful activity for all ages! They help to keep the mind alert and active, improve thinking skills, memory skills, math skills, expand vocabulary, spelling and more! They can be, educational, fun games for kids and adults.

There’s no need to pay money for playing crossword puzzles online. Free crosswords puzzles can be viewed online and downloaded for print, all for free! You can find various puzzle categories: crosswords for kids, easy crosswords, Sunday crosswords, daily crosswords, math crosswords and more!


Crosswords for kids, can consist of puzzles suitable for children of different ages. Some puzzles may be more difficult than others. Depending on the age of the child, adult supervision or guidance may be needed to solve these puzzles. There can be a variety of topics included in this category. For instance, topics may include colors, pets, small crafts, fun kids events and more. Kids can learn solving crosswords puzzles. They can play them with family, friends or by themselves. Crossword puzzles for print can be played anytime!

Play them after school, after a ball game, take them traveling, use them at parties and more!

Easy crosswords can consist of puzzles, fairly, easy for adults or kids. Most of these puzzles will be short or concise with simple and direct clues. There are variety of topics to play.

A daily crossword puzzle can be found in the newspaper or online. Be sure to read the rules carefully when playing this puzzle. The word “daily”may not always mean its printed daily, but instead have a day of the week, Monday through Saturday, located inside its clues. A daily crossword puzzle, may ask a question. Solving this puzzle, correctly, will provide you with the answer.

Math crossword puzzles are fun for all ages! They consist of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division functions. A simple statement is given and it’s up to you to figure and solve an equation to find the correct answer. To benefit the most from math puzzles, use your thinking skills by solving on paper first, without the help of a calculator. Although, some prefer to use a calculator for assistance, when needed.

Most Sunday crosswords are found in the newspaper, but there are different types of these puzzles, too. Be sure to read the description before playing. Some of these puzzles contain the word “Sunday” located somewhere within the puzzle. If you can’t find the word “Sunday” in the puzzle, then one or more of your answers are incorrect. There could be a variety of topics, suitable for kids and adults to play.

Printable crossword puzzles can be downloaded for print. They’re convenient to use. Use them at parties, events, or group gatherings. Use them as teaching tools at: classes, workshops or demonstrations. Use them at home or take them on the go! Play with family, friends, or alone. Print them out and solve them at your leisure. They’re convenient, educational, fun and FREE! There are numerous topics online for printable crossword puzzles!

A crossword helper is an online tool used to help solve puzzles. It may, even, contain crossword answers to clues. Use it to check your answers, make corrections, for spelling, for hints or for other assistance, if needed. For maximum benefits, first try solving puzzles without the use of a crossword helper. Use it only when needed. A crossword helper can allow you to view your answers online, as they appear in the puzzle, or download your answers to print.

Online Free Games for Kids: Fun and Excitement Combo

Online games for kids are great in demand and fee games are always hot in demand because playing these games does not require any monetary involvement. Credit goes to easy accessibility of Internet and availability of computer for average children at their home or in cyber joints playing online free games for kids is becoming one of the best quality pastimes for the kids. There are different sorts of online games however, these are meant for different age level and efficiency level of the users. Playing these online are great fun and excitements and adults kids alike play these with great eagerness and passion to win.

Free online games are available for different levels of kids. For the toddlers these games are based on nursery rhymes, and learning alphabets etc. Identifying colors and matching the shapes are the favorite types of online games for toddlers as well as for pre-school kids. While these games are played with these little kids, it helps in improvising their brain development, optimize intelligence level, presence of mind, and analytical skill etc.

Toddlers and pre-school kids cannot play the games alone be the games are online or offline type. It is necessary for their guardians to sit with them to play these games. Playing these games together is an excellent way to spend quality times with the kids and a natural but scientific way to improve the emotional bonds with a little kid at the same time.

Pre-school kids can play game alone. However for them the online free games needs to be selected with great insight by their teachers or guardians because educational games can help these kids in improving their cognitive skill and their analytical skill etc. There are online free games for matchmaking, racing etc, these games are meant for fun and excitement. Pre-school kids may play these games moderate; however, it is to be strictly monitored that none of these games should be his addiction other than study and quality hobbies.

Different websites are available in web world with lots of options of free online games although all free games are not right for kids. The kids’ special websites are best resources for finding these free games. Children of minor age should not be allowed to search free games for their play rather it is to be fixed by their guardians in order to monitor his/her online activities.

Online free games for kids have earned huge popularity worldwide. However, it is always wise to download and play free online games for kids on secure server otherwise online cyber threats may hamper the security system of personal computer. The kids who play online free game need to be aware of cyber threats also.